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The Future of Social Media Experience: Gamification – Daily Hunt

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In a market flooded with apps, those which offer exciting features have an edge. Therefore, the app developers are continuously innovating, and combining features that will have the users hooked. One such feature is gamifying on social media platforms.

Gamification is a powerful tool that has caught the eye of app developers to acquire, engage, and retain users. A study conducted by UCLA states that the brain’s reward center, the nucleus accumbent, lights up when people receive ‘likes’ on social media. Another study by Gigya states that gamification boosts engagement by 1/3rd. Notably, the app does not have to be a gaming app to implement gamification. Fitness apps, productivity apps, and even finance-related apps have made app interaction fun by applying gaming tactics. Meanwhile, social media apps like Reddit are evolving, taking this innovation a notch up.

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