Explurger - Automatic Travelogue

Explurger – Create an Automatic Travelogue

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Explurger – Create an Automatic Travelogue

An app for the explorer in you, Explurger is a social media app that connects you with people, forge bonds, network, and travel, explore. A portmanteau between explore and urge, Explurger helps you keep track of all your travels, explorations in the form of an automatic Travelogue. It gives you statistics of how many miles you have traveled, cities you have visited, countries, continents, or even a café, and it won’t let your sharing of pictures just die down as history or forgotten memory after a few likes.

Built on a very smart AI and backed by some of the best IT brains and hearts, Explurger has harnessed the power of India’s skill, backed by Indian brains to make a cutting-edge Indian app for the world to use.

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